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First Frontier 504 provided through the Altoona Blair County Development Corp. works with our banking partners to identify financial opportunities in the form of small businesses poised to grow in the near future. Our SBA 504 loan program helps small business owners purchase land, equipment, and real estate. We leverage our combined knowledge and experience to match the right candidate with the best option—for both the lender and the business owner.

We handle the entire process, working with the loan applicant to ensure that the terms are beneficial for all parties. We work with banks, credit unions, commercial lending companies, and private individuals.

Your business is our business. Your community is our community.


  • Increase your loan portfolio's profit while reducing risk.

  • Make larger loans beyond current 7a limits.

  • First Frontier 504 handles all SBA application processing, approval and loan servicing.


Eligible Applicants:

  • Business Entity Classified as Small Business

  • For-Profit Corporation, Partnership, LP, LLC or Proprietorship

Lending Limits:

  • Up to 40% of Eligible 504 Project Costs

  • $5 million for Typical Projects and $5.5 million for Qualifying Manufacturing & Energy Related Projects

Eligible Uses:

  • Land Acquisition

  • Building Construction & Renovations

  • Building Purchase

  • Leasehold Improvements

  • Equipment

  • Related Project Costs

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